Environment Footprint

Dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint through sustainable practices and renewable energy initiatives.


Our operations are streamlined to reduce environmental waste, showcasing a deep commitment to sustainability and setting industry standards in eco-conscious manufacturing practices.

Solar Powered

Embracing solar power, our facilities proudly operate on 80% solar energy, significantly reducing our carbon footprint and leading the charge towards a sustainable, renewable energy-driven future.

Corporate Sustainability

Fostering corporate sustainability by supporting our employees' well-being and enhancing community welfare.

Employee Welfare

Offering generous employee welfare subsidies, we prioritize financial stability and well-being for a supportive, balanced work environment.

Full Healthcare Coverage

Our commitment includes fully covered healthcare, guaranteeing extensive medical support and peace of mind for every team member.

Fully Education Coverage

Empowering our employees and their families, we provide fully covered education, fostering personal growth and professional development

Employee Legal Protections

Robust employee legal protections safeguard our workforce, ensuring fairness and respect.


Our enrichment initiatives channel donations into charities, hospitals, and more, uplifting local communities.

Employee Religious Freedom

Committed to inclusivity, we ensure a supportive environment where diverse beliefs are embraced and protected.