Solar Powered

Utilizing cutting-edge solar panels and advanced monitoring software, we lead in sustainable manufacturing, offering an eco-friendly production process that guarantees reliability and efficiency, reducing carbon footprint for our client's brands.

Advanced Heat Transfer Technology

Our adoption of the Mimaki machine elevates sticker production to new heights, delivering high-resolution, vividly colored decals that enhance brand recognition and appeal with exceptional clarity and durability.

Modern Sewing Machines

Employing the latest network-connected, microchipped sewing machines, we deliver unparalleled speed and consistency, ensuring every textile product exceeds industry standards for quality and performance.

Advanced Pattern Scanning & Grading

Through our advanced pattern digitizer and sophisticated grading software, we ensure precise, tailored fits for every design, seamlessly adapting to both even and uneven grading requirements, boosting product quality and customer satisfaction.

Automated Printing

Utilizing an advanced 8-head oval printing machine equipped with built-in cooling and heating, we set new standards in print quality, enabling us to produce thousands of sharp, high-quality screen prints efficiently.

Advanced Embroidery Machines

With three state-of-the-art 20-head Tajima embroidery machines, and two more on the way, we offer superior embroidery quality at scale, ensuring detailed and durable designs to elevate your brand

Automated Cuutting

Our automated spreading and cutting technology ensures fast, precise, and consistent fabric cutting, dramatically enhancing production efficiency and quality, meeting the high-speed demands of modern fashion and apparel markets.

Machine Intelligence

Powered by a highly sophisticated, in-house developed ERP system with 800 windows supporting 15 departments, we streamline every aspect of manufacturing, from inventory management to quality control, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and accuracy

Our History

Starpak Martial Arts has been instrumental in shaping the modern landscape of boxing and martial arts
manufacturing, pioneering advancements from raw materials to innovative technologies and establishing
leading brands.







1992 - 2005






Shabbir Sports, our precursor, set the stage for international trade in Punjab, Pakistan, laying our foundational stones.

Starpak Martial Arts was officially established, marking a new era in combat sports manufacturing.

Introduced the groundbreaking Intersport range, revolutionizing their sports departments.

Pioneered manufacturing processes for Decathlon, back when only two stores existed.

Innovated the first Velcro strap boxing gloves, simplifying gear readiness for fighters.

Created the first rubberized EVA foam, replacing wool and redefining combat sports gear standards.

Launched the PU boxing glove, leading the shift away from traditional leather.

Spearheaded Paffen Sports' development, setting new industry benchmarks.

Established AIBA standards for head guards and boxing gloves, dominating 80% of AIBA-approved equipment production.

Developed the modern day standard for PU with rubberized, stretchable backing, moving beyond traditional PU/PVC.

Introduced injection molded foam for combat sports, a modern industry standard.

Partnered with Adidas, building their boxing and martial arts division from the ground up.

Began a partnership with Ringside, enhancing their premium product lineup

Started working with Title, further expanding their premium glove ranges

Unveiled a no-shrinkage Judo fabric, setting new standards for martial arts attire.