Starpak Combat sports accessories Manufacturing Banner
Starpak Combat sports accessories Manufacturing Banner

Boxing Equipment Manufacturing with Starpak

StarPak has continuously invested in machinery, staff training & material R&D to manufacture the best boxing gloves and accessories at many price points for our customers. Each item we use in our manufactured boxing gloves is custom made at our specification from leather to foam, and designed with specialized molds to distribute energy from punch to all of the glove and protect wrist of our users.

Our Accessories


Starpak Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Starpak Inner Wraps

Inner Gloves 

Starpak Gel padded inner wraps

Gel Padded Inner Gloves 


Medicine Balls

Bag Accessories

Starpak Super-Fast Swivels

SuperFast Swivels

Starpak Bungie Cords

Bungie Cords

Starpak Wall mounts

Punching Bag Wall Mounts

Our Accessories



Bag Accessories

On-Demand Pattern Customisation Available

Colors Avaliable

Standard Colors are kept in stock

Special Colors can be made in large quantities

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Our Service Principles

Our work ethic is rooted in our 5 service principles. We call it "The Starpak Difference".

Build a Better Product Today

We can help you give your customers the quality they deserve.

Our  Clients

Some of the most successful combat brands have made Starpak their R&D and production hub across the years. They trust us because we deliver the best manufacturing experience in the combats sports industry

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cimac est
Palms Sports
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